Boys’ Volleyball

First Point announces partnership with NJCAA to encourage 2-year-colleges to
start men's volleyball


High School: Our goal is to grow High Schools Volleyball
to 100,000 participants by 2026

Status at First Point Foundation Inception = 55,417
Current Status = 63,563
Goal = 100,000

“We have serious momentum! 26 states are represented consistently on our Boys High School Advocacy Committee Conference Calls and organized efforts in dozens of states are underway to make official sanctioning happen. Our numbers continue to grow even without some states that don’t report. We estimate there are an additional 5,000 boys playing high school from these states that are not yet sanctioned or reported to NFHS.”

– Wade Garard, CEO, First Point Volleyball Foundation

“Boys’ high school volleyball participation grew more than 4% this year and more than 22% in past 5 years!!!. No other boys sport has come anywhere close to that pace of growth. Arizona boys high school volleyball grew 13% last year and Nevada grew 22%. In contrast participation in boys’ 11-man high school football is down 3% year over year and down 9% over the last five years.”

– Kenny Rogers, Director of Strategic Initiatives, First Point Volleyball Foundation

If you would like to provide a report on efforts in your state or to join a First Point Volleyball Foundation statewide committee, please click here.

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